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Account Activation

All new students, faculty & staff must set up Multi-Factor Authentication BEFORE activating an account.

Administrator Account Initial Setup

Instructions for configuring MFA and creating a new password for new Administrator accounts.

Administrator Account OTP Setup

Instructions for completing One-Time Password (OTP) setup for new administrator accounts. OTP allows users to authenticate as admin even when the computer is offline.

Administrator Account Password and MFA (Apple Mac)

First-time login instructions for new administrator accounts on MacOS

Generate a QR Code for a New Device

A QR Code will allow you to add a device to your account.

Map SharedSpace - MacOS

Map SharedSpace on MacOS

Map SharedSpace - Windows

Map SharedSpace on Windows PC

MS Authenticator change to 2 digit push notification

Microsoft Authenticator updated to 2 digit number matching

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an authentication method requiring two or more pieces of information to access an application/website.

Second Method for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Adding a second method for MFA will keep you from getting locked out of your account.

Set up MFA Again on New Phone

Setup a new device to authenticate into account.

Troubleshooting Access Issues with TU Services

We have many personas in our digital life (For example: your personal Gmail account, your TU Microsoft account, and many others you may be signed into). Among all of these logins, you may begin to experience inconsistent access to your TU services. When you experience these issues, here are some first steps to try.