MS Authenticator change to 2 digit push notification


Microsoft updated the MS Authenticator app to a 2 digit code match in February 2023 which was implemented on TU's campus in March 2023

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Mobile Devices

The primary change is that Authenticator app push notifications will require a 2 digit code match with the application that is attempting the login, instead of "Accept/Deny". This will help mitigate notification fatigue from attackers, accidental accepts, and accidental denies causing denial of account access until an admin can unlock it.

Additionally, the "Show App" and "Show Location" features are activated so that the login source can be verified. 



The primary issue noticed is that a mobile device trying to authenticate will have the number covered when the prompt shows up. There is a button that says "I can't see the number" which will hide the prompt for a few seconds allowing you to see the number and then brings back the prompt.


Microsoft introduced a new security feature, "number matching," to the MS Authenticator App in February 2023

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