Shared Space

Map Shared Space Folders

Before accessing Shared Space remotely, you will need to install the VPN. View instructions on how to install the TU VPN.

Once the VPN has been installed and you've successfully logged in you can then connect to Shared Space.

You will need to open up File Explorer, and on the left side click on “This PC”, then from the menu at the top, select the Computer tab, and you should see an option to “Map Network Drive

A dialogue box will pop up and prompt you for the drive path.

Enter in \\\shares\Sharedspace

You may need to check the box that says “Connect using Different credentials” when you're prompted to login.

Enter your TUNetID and password using this format - utulsa\TUNetID then password.

That should get you to the top-level folder, then you can navigate to the appropriate folder.

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