File Storage


As part of the campus Microsoft agreement, University IT provides access to OneDrive where files can be stored in a cloud environment, managed by the user, and shared with colleagues on campus or off.

Browse to and sign in using TU Credentials

Sensitive or confidential information should never be stored in this area. The University provides secure storage for that purpose. Students may also use Google Apps for their storage or one of the other services such a Box or Drop Box. However, University IT does not support these services, and the user assumes all management responsibility.



Secure File Storage provides a method of storing Restricted and Confidential Data. Individual and group accounts are available to faculty and staff.

Anyone using the X-Drive service must apply for access and transmit information on-campus or use the University of Tulsa Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Shared Space

SharedSpace is a file system that allows members of the University of Tulsa community to store and share files with workgroups or individuals within the University given permission.

To request access or report an issue with shared space, please contact IT Support.


If you're still having trouble, submit a ticket or call us at 918-631-3500.

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