Network Device Registration

Register Devices

If you would like to connect a device to the utulsa network such as a printer, Xbox, Playstation, FireTV, etc. it will need be an authorized device in order to receive connectivity.


Register your Device on TU Network


Please Note: Clicking on this link or visiting while connected via a cellular network or Wi-Fi network other than TU's own network will result in a failure to load.

In addition: TUWifi is the preferred connection method for most devices. As a rule of thumb: if the device is a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer and is not connected via ethernet - it should not be registered to this portal.


1. Clicking the above link or visiting will load this page:

Here you will log in with your TUNetID, making sure not to include in this field.

The password will be the same as your normal TU password.

2. Once logged in you will be presented with this page:

Here you will select "Create Device" to register a new device or "Manage Devices" if a change to an existing device is necessary.

3. Upon selecting "Create Device", the device registration page will load:

Notes on device registration:

  • Device Name: This is a name you create for the purposes of registration.
  • MAC Address: This is either the Wi-Fi or Ethernet MAC address depending on how you are connecting to TUDevices. This is generally located in a Network Settings menu and its location may vary depending on Model/Manufacturer. 
  • Stream Sharing: Enable this if you wish to share the device over the network with other users. Enabling this feature while registering a game console may cause issues in certain titles' online functionality.
  • Device Type: Select which category most closely fits your device.

4. Finally, select "Create Device":

If connecting to TUDevices Wi-Fi network, you may now connect through your device's menu system. If registering a device connecting over ethernet, a reboot or power cycle may be necessary.


If you're still having trouble, submit a ticket or call us at 918-631-3500.

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