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Device support includes computers (laptop and/or desktop) and peripherals (displays, printers, keyboards, UPS, etc.)

Request a refresh for individual, classroom, or lab computers.

Request an increase to your printing quota credits.

Please do not submit sensitive health information (i.e. diagnosis, etc.) in the form. Simply state “health situation” or other verbiage.

Strategic Marketing & Communications

Request help with Concur Travel & Expenses

Report an issue or change to the public website.

Request Local Administrator Rights on TU-owned device.

Request a quote for technology equipment

Digital signage messaging can be tailored to any of the TU community’s unique setting. It can be used to deliver targeted messages and media to specific campus locations, or broadcast the same display campus-wide. It can also display greetings, instructions and updated scheduling throughout the day.

This service is used to request technology disposals

Storefront for people to sell items and collect funds via an online marketplace

Report all issues printing to JD Young printers.

Request Guest Access to TU-owned devices and systems.

When an employee is removed from one department and transfers to another department within the university, it is the responsibility of the transferring employee's current manager to ensure all computing and information security related procedures are completed.

Create or modify a shared mailbox, calendar, or distribution list.

The Facilities Project Request Form should be used for the renovation of existing space that includes: 
-Finish upgrades
-Space reconfiguration
-Add/remove walls
-Furniture reupholstering or replacement
-Add/remove utilities including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC

Software installation for computer lab

Request training on using A/V technology.

This form is intended for hiring managers to specify technology needs for their new employees.

Request a change for the campus network.