Single Sign-on

Allow users to seamlessly move from application to application using their TU NetID (abc1234). Single Sign-on (SSO) allows the users to log in once and access services without re-entering authentication factors. Single Sign-on is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems. Applications be configured to use Single Sign-on instead of a separate local username and password.

Who is eligible to use this service?

Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Where can I get it?

TU has implemented single sign-on for various applications across campus. If your department is adding a new application, you can request that the application be configured to use Single Sign-on.

Request Single Sign-On


Service ID: 49812
Mon 5/3/21 3:02 PM
Mon 5/1/23 9:59 AM