Adding an external user to an internal TU Team

To add an External User to a TU Microsoft Teams, the external user will first need to setup Office 365 if they aren't already setup in Office 365.  The process is a guided process.

After the Administrator of the Team adds the external user to the Team, an invitation is generated and sent to users external email account.

If the user doesn’t receive the invite within approximately 30 minutes, have them check the Spam folder.   Gmail commonly sends the Microsoft Teams invites to Spam.

**The user will need to designate the messages from TU Teams is not Spam.

**The user will need to download and install Microsoft authenticator on their phone, if they don’t already have authentication set up.

Sample message received by external user

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Click on the Open Microsoft Teams to accept your invitation

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Click Send Code


The external user will receive an email from University of Tulsa providing an account verification code
Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Sample message received by the external user

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Type the security code provided  here and click Sign in.


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Click Open Microsoft Teams to access the Team

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Sample Teams Window

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