Sign into desk phone with a shared sign in


Sign in a shared desk phone with a shared sign in

Environment (ie: Product build, OS, Software, Firewall, Proxy, Internet Service Provider, etc)

Desk phone that is not assigned to one person needing to be signed in to receive calls.


Press Sign In on the desk phone

Open a web browser in incognito or private window on a computer or cell phone

To get into incognito or private window click on the three dots or lines in the upper right-hand corner and clicking on incognito or private window.

In the web browser’s incognito or private window and type in

It should ask for a username.


Password: Sharedphoneid password

Press next

sign in.

It should now ask for the Pair Code. Type that in.

It should now sign in the phone.


Phone was signed out of the system

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