Use Microsoft Forms to Gather Information

Emails are sometimes difficult to parse through to find the information you need. If you present a form, you can suggest the information that you want to receive and the format you would like to receive it in so that you can work with all the results in one spreadsheet.


Goldie planned a week-long event. She has selected a food vendor and a few menu options for each day. How can she most efficiently gather food orders for each day?

Option 1 (email):

Goldie uses a shared mailbox or her own email inbox. She receives many emails, all formatted differently. She must wade through all of the email and compile the results on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet.

Option 2(Microsoft Forms): 

Goldie creates a Form.

  • She chooses to put her form in Teams so that other members of her event-planning team can access results if she needs help making orders.
  • She sets the form to be accessible to only people with TU accounts and chooses to record their name and limit responses to one per person.
  • She distributes the link to her form in a Team for the event, on a SharePoint site, or via the meeting invite in Outlook or Teams.  
  • In the Files tab of the Team in which Goldie created the form, she monitors the spreadsheet and can easily filter/sort/sum columns as needed when it is time to make her order (results shown below). Team members also have access to quick reports using real-time analytics.

That's it!!

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