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Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager is used for patch management of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.  As new updates become available, users will receive prompts to install the software.  This article describes the prompts, and user actions that can be performed.  If no action is taken, the software will install and automatically restart the computer as necessary when installation deadlines are reached.


Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office

Deployment Schedule

Tier 1 (Test/Pilot Group)

New updates are deployed to an initial “test” group for monitoring and identification of potential issues before deployment to wider campus community.

  • IT Department user PCs, other non-critical sample PCs from around campus (voluntary)
  • New critical and security updates are available the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:30 PM.
  • 1-week deadline period before forced installation and restart
  • 4-hour grace period after deadline passes
  • Users will receive prompts notifying them of pending actions (install, restart)

Tier 2 (Individual PCs)

New updates have now been deployed for one week. If no issues are identified, deployment continues to wider campus community.

  • Employee PCs, Office PCs, general workstations
  • New critical and security updates are available 10:30PM, 1-week after Tier 1.
  • 1-week deadline period before automatic installation and restarts are enforced
  • 4-hour grace period after deadline passes
  • Users will receive prompts notifying them of pending actions (install, restart)

Tier 3 (Shared PCs)

  • Classrooms, computer labs, research labs, conference rooms
  • New critical and security updates are available the 3-weeks after Tier 1 at 10:30 PM.
  • Immediate installation deadline, no grace period.
  • Updates will only install and/or restart PCs during the maintenance window (Friday/Saturday/Sunday @ 10:30 PM - 4:00 AM)
  • Pending installations or restarts not completed during the maintenance window will be postponed until the next window. 


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Notifcation received from System Tray

01 - Notification


Software Center - System Tray icon indicates updates are pending 


Select the Software Center icon and View Required Software to check options.


Select Right now to begin installing immediately, or select Configure my business hours to change installation preferences


Select the Options tab In Software Center to configure installation and restart options to your preferences


Select the Updates tab to view and start the installation of pending updates (optional)


Select the Installation status tab to view progress (optional)


Windows notification of installation in progress


Software Center system tray icon indicates installation in progress


Track the installation progress via Software Center Installation Status tab (optional)


Software Center prompts to restart your computer once installation is complete


Software Center - Restart Pending icon in system tray 


Selecting Restart gives a final confirmation before rebooting the computer.  Ensure you have saved any unsaved documents or data


Contact Information

If you have questions, submit a ticket here or call us at 918-631-3500

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