New Hire Technology Request


This is an individual that is listed as the person asking for service detailed within the ticket. If used as a filter in a report, the filter allows for a lookup search.


The account/department under which the ticket falls.

New Employee Job Title

Enter the job title for your new employee.

Employee Type

Full Time/Part Time or Temp/Consultant/Adjunct/Other

Has your new employee been previously affiliated with TU?

Employee/Student/TU Alumni/None or Temp/Consultant/Adjunct/Other

Employee Start Date

What is the start date of your new employee?


The physical location (such as a building) that can be selected to indicate where the new employee will work.

Does your employee require a computer? *

Yes or NO

For computer requests, please review our standard hardware for employees.

Desired Computer Configuration

Standard Windows Laptop/Standard Windows Touchscreen Laptop/Non-Standard Computer

Software and Other IT Access Request (select all that apply) These are examples of what you can choose from.

Door Badge Access

Badge Access Description

Please describe any details related to badge access request beyond location captured for the computer.

Please list any non-standard software needed.

Any specialized software the new employee will need

New Hire Phone Service

If you are requesting a phone number to be re-assigned from a former employee, please list that phone number here.

New Service/Re-assign existing phone number

Please give as much detail as you can about printers needed:

Please give the name, location or description of any printers the new employee will use

Please describe what network drive access (SharedSpace, X Drive) is needed:

Will new employee need access to certain areas of Shared Space and/or X Drive.

Location to deliver equipment (if different than above or remote-only worker):


The full details of a ticket, including any appropriate circumstances or supplementary information that may aid in resolving it.

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