Keplinger Hall Classroom Technology

The KEP classrooms include the ability to do the following activities:

  • Show the instructor or the front of the room via the point and zoom camera.
  • Capture the instructor audio via the microphones.
  • Show the document camera on the screen.

The following information is meant to quickly orient you to the room as well as provide a few how to’s specific to the technology in the room.

Room Camera

Select “Aver…” for the camera source to show the room.

The Aver camera is a point-zoom-pan camera.  By default it is set to show the full front of the room.

Using the remote you may zoom and pan the camera to a desired location.  Note, the location will be reset to the default when the room is powered off and then back on.

The top of the remote is pictured on the right.

Zoom in and out – use the toggle button pointed to by the yellow arrow.

Pan – use the arrow keys toward the top pointed to by the purple arrow (2).

Presets – there will be preset views configured (up to 10).  You will be able to select the preset by holding down the M key in the middle and selecting the appropriate numbered key below, pointed to by the red arrows (3).

Preset 0 will by the wide shot to the front of the room.
If a preset needs to be reset, hold the M button for a count of 2 then select the number.

Auto-focus – focuses on faces.  The option is set to on by default.  You may turn it on and off by the button on the middle left pointed to by the green arrow (4); hold it for 4 seconds.  This option is set by each user on the specific classroom computer and, currently, cannot be set globally for all users.

Camera app – the camera tool is built into Windows.  You may find it by typing in the search bar in the lower left or over the Windows icon.  With this tool you may show the camera while sharing your screen.  You can also use it to see the status of the auto-focus toggle.



Focus - If the camera continues to focus then select the Auto-focus (4) button above to turn off the auto-focus.

Room Microphones

Select “USB…” for the microphone source.

The lapel, podium, and Hover microphones go into the same source.  You may use one or all of them.  In smaller rooms if you are loud enough then the ceiling mics will likely be enough.  But if you are soft-spoken then use the lapel mic: 1) clip it on your apparel in the center of your check and 2) put the receiver in a pocket.  If teaching with a mask, the hand held mic is recommended as the lapel mic is challenged in this situation.

Document Camera

In Collaborate you can share camera or share screen/application to show the document camera in a window.

The document camera can be projected by using the Camera app or the Flex 11 (note, 11 is the version number and the current icon is green).

When recording with Panopto (pointed to by green arrow) you want to use the above application and record the screen and do not select the doc camera as a primary source.

With Collaborate you may select the document camera in the Share Camera option (select Hover… as the source) or use the application/screen with the document camera Camera app open.

The document camera has zoom, auto-focus, and flip image controls.  

Flip image – middle button on the camera.

Autofocus Lock – bottom left button on the camera.










  • Image Display - If the image is displayed with an incorrect orientation see the “Flip Image” button above.
  • Focus – if the focus continuously shifts then try the Autofocus lock above.







Software Tools

Collaborate – use this tool to bring students and guests in synchronously to your classroom.  You may also record your session.

Panopto – use this tool to record your class for asynchronous viewing later meaning no one is joining the class during the class period or you are recording a flipped or online lesson.

VLC – use this tool to show your DVD’s.

Camera – use this tool to open the camera view in a window.

Flex – use this tool to open up the Hover document camera app.

How to’s on several of these tools and how to use them can be found in Harvey in the FRC-Technology Teaching and Learning org.  Contact the Faculty Resource Center (, 918-631-2056) for training with Collaborate and Panopto.

For self-help documents go to


Checklist for the end of class

  1. Power off the system unless someone is coming in after you.
  2. Power off the lapel and hand-held mic’s.
  3. Make sure your Panopto recording is in the “processing” stage.
  4. Sign-off the computer.


Need help?

Classroom Support (classroom technology help) – 918-631-3500 then press 1

General Tech Support – 918-631-3500

Faculty Resource Center (help for Faculty) – 918-631-2056

Self-help –

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