BryteWave Online Course Materials & Textbooks

3 Easy Ways to Access Your Course Materials

  1. Your Email
  2. The BryteWave website
  3. From Harvey (Blackboard)

You can access your digital course materials utilizing any one of these three ways

  1. Email sent to your school email account
    • A BryteWave (RedShelf) account will be created using your school email address,
    • An email will be sent to you with a link to your shelf.
    • This emailed link will take you to your BryteWave Discover Shelf account where you can log in using your school email address,, and find your preloaded material on your Shelf.
    • Additional support for email can be found here: BryteWave Email info.

  2. The BryteWave website - log in using the URL for BryteWave :
  3. In your Harvey course, use the BryteWave Course Materials link. There are multiple places in Harvey where you may access your BryteWave Course Materials link.
    1. Find the link in a special course called BryteWave Course Materials (Online Textbooks) and in the Harvey organization called Harvey Student How To’s.

    2. Once your course is open you’ll be able to find the link to your shelf along with the other resources that your instructor has linked and organized for you.

    3. Find the link to the special course on the Institution page under Student Help & Resources.

Accessing the materials

From your shelf, choose the digital course material you want to access.

Click on the title and some product details will pop up. For an ebook you can click READ NOW to open it in a new tab.

Some digital products require a code to access the materials on the publisher’s website. Click Copy the Code to Clipboard and then click Access Courseware. You will paste that code in the designated field on the site you are sent to.

Note: That if the ACCESS COURSEWARE button is not available for a specific product; you will go directly to that publisher website listed in Harvey (Blackboard) or use a link provided by your instructor

If your product doesn’t have a code to copy, then you just click Access Courseware to be directed to your digital product.

BryteWave Student Support Documents

BryteWave CourseWare Publisher Instructions Index

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