Ad Astra Scheduling Tool

This video demonstrates the basics of setting up an event in the astra schedule system. Additional help information is available below the video for your reference.

This guide is designed to be a quick reference for completing an Event Request at The University of Tulsa.  It will cover any topic that may need additional information or definitions.

Event Reservation Definitions

Event – Events are a series of single, multiple, or reoccurring meetings.

Meeting – Meetings are what are tied to rooms and resources based on specific times and needs of the group.

Navigating Event Reservation Request

The Ad Astra Web App home page looks like below.

  1. On the top, you have a menu bar with the following options:
    • Home: returns you to this page or a list of pages you have recently visited
    • Calendars:
      • Calendar: Allows you to see what is happening, this or during any month across campus
      • Scheduling Grid: Allows you to see a full list of rooms and availability on any given day
    • Events:
      • Request Event: This is the Event Request Form
  1. Various calendars, Holidays, and announcements that the university wants to highlight
  2. Important information regarding the booking process for a TU Event.
  3. Finally, in the upper right-hand corner, if you have a university provided credential, you may sign in before submitting an Event Request Form

Requesting an Event

To make a reservation, Click on Request Event in any location

Customer/Contact Information

Customer – Customer is the organization or department sponsoring your event.

Contact – Individuals who are allowed to create or make changes to the Customer’s Event

*If the event is hosted by an individual, the customer and contact will be the same.

The section allows us to learn more about your organization and how we can best communicate before, during, and after the event.

Event Sponsorship

The section defines how your organization affiliates with The University of Tulsa.  Your event will only fit into one of defined statuses:  Student Organization, Faculty/Staff, Entity External to TU.

*For the other sections, put N/A in each field

Event Information

The section is where you provide the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your event.  Any, and all information regarding your event should be input into one of the fields in this section.

Event And Access/Setup Times

Access Time – This is the time that you or your event staff need access to the reserved space to set up for your event. (EX. 5:00 PM)

Attendee Arrival Time – This is the time your attendees are anticipated to arrive. (EX. 6:30 PM)

Event Start Time – This is the time your event (presentation, dance, performance, etc.) is advertised to begin. (EX. 7:00 PM)

Event End Time – This is the time your event (presentation, dance, performance) is anticipated to end.  For example, this is the time your speaker leaves the stage, or finished their Q&A. (EX. 8:00PM)

Attendee Exit Time – This is the time your attendees are anticipated to be out of the facility. (EX.  8:45PM)

Facility Lock Up Time – This is the time you or your event staff will have the facility restored to its original condition, enabling the facility to be locked. (EX. 9:30PM)

*Each of these is important so we make sure the space meets your expectations for your event


There are three (3) different type of meetings you can book that are defined in fuller detail on the event request form but for quick reference:

  • Single – One time meeting/event in one room
  • Multiple – One event with multiple meetings occurring throughout a single or over a series of days
  • Reoccurring – The same meeting that occurs with regularity and consistency.

  1. Add Meeting


Single Meeting

The Start and End Times are the times encompassing the entire time you and your organization are wanting to reserve a room (room unlock to room lock).

Description is a description of your event we will put onto the Events Calendar.  If this is a private event, please put Private in the description.

Multiple Meeting

Select a date and time for each different room you will need for your entire event.

Reoccurring Meeting

Please adjust the frequency of your meeting accordingly.

  1. Request Rooms


Using filters such as Show Alt Room Configurations, Capacity, Buildings, and Features will allow you to find rooms that meet your group’s needs.

To use the filter, just click on the expand panel button, then the options you want.  Once finished, click on “Search”.

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