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SafeZone is a smart phone app that any student or staff member can download and use for free. This App will connect you directly to TU Campus Security should you need our assistance or emergency support while you are on campus. SafeZone uses the latest GPS technology to give you peace of mind wherever your experiential learning takes you. It’s free for all TU students, faculty, and staff. Inside the designated SafeZone areas, the app provides you with immediate access to TU Campus Security.


Download SafeZone from either the iTunes App Store, the Google Play App Store.

You will then need to register for the service using your utulsa login credentials.

Step-by-step Installation Guide

Download the SafeZone app from the Apple store. When you open the App for the first time, you will be presented with the below screen.You will need to input your TU email address and press 'Next'.

safezone mobile app screenshot











You will be directed to the TU Office365 single sign-on screen. You will need to input your TU username ( and password .

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You will then be directed back to the SafeZone app. You will need to input your full name and your mobile number. Uploading a photo is optional. You should read the Privacy Policy available at this stage.

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Once you've submitted your details, you will be shown the applications Terms & Conditions. You should read these and then either accept or decline.

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Before using the app, you will be required to permit it certain permissions within your phone. Theses vary depending on which operating system you're using.

Once permissions have been provided, you will be directed to the main dashboard screen.

Phone Permissions

Apple iOS

SafeZone will ask that it be provided access to your Motion & Fitness activity (if applicable) It will then ask for access to your location. You can choose to share this 'Only while using the app' or 'Always'. Details on how this alters app functionality is provided. It will then ask for permission to send you alerts & notifications.

Android OS

SafeZone will require access to your location. Android is unable to differentiate permissions between when the app is open and not. However, your location is not shared with the Security team until you choose to do so within the app. It will then ask to be provided access to your media and to make calls or messages.

Dashboard Overview

safezone mobile app screenshot


From here, you can access and edit your personal profile, view notifications and change your settings. Certain settings, such as notifications and permissions, may only be accessible from within your phone's operating system settings.

Alert Buttons

There are alert buttons. Depending on what you need, you can press these to alert Campus Security. Any button will connect you; the different categories simply help to organize and understand your specific needs.

Alert Cancellation

If you have mistakenly pressed an alert, you have 5 seconds to cancel before Campus Security is contacted.

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