VPN (Windows 8/10)

Windows 8/10

This tutorial includes a video walk-through in addition to the instructions below.


Download the GlobalProtect VPN Client

To download the GlobalProtect client, open your favorite web browser and navigate to https://tuvpn.utulsa.edu.

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You’ll be prompted to enter your TUNetID and password.

You’ll need to download either the 32 or 64 bit version for your operating system.

Most modern Windows installs are 64 bit, but if you want to double check, click the start button (Windows icon) and click Settings.

Click System at the top of the settings list.



Click on About in the left-hand menu. The system type will be displayed near the bottom of the list.

Click on either the Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit download link. Once it downloads, click the download file in the task bar and choose Open

Install the GlobalProtect VPN Client

The GlobalProtect client installer should launch. Click Next.

The next screen will ask where you want to install the GlobalProtect client. The default location is fine. Click Next.

The next screen is a confirmation that you’re ready to install. Click Next.

You may get a UAC security prompt at this point. If so, enter your administrator credentials if required and click yes.

Once the install is completed you’ll get a confirmation screen. Click Close.


Once the GlobalProtect client is installed it should automatically launch. Enter tuvpn.utulsa.edu when prompted for the portal address and click Connect.

Enter your TUNetID and click Next. Enter your password when prompted and click the Sign In button.

When the GlobalProtect client has successfully connected it will display a colorful globe with checkmark; says Connected. You can now access protected university systems.

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