Microsoft 365 - Collaboration Tools - When to use what tool?

When to use what tool in Microsoft 365
Activity OneDrive MS Teams SharePoint Outlook
Backup individual files to cloud yes
Store files that only a couple of people need access to yes
Access files across devices yes yes yes
Team collaboration yes yes
Conversation-based collaboration yes
Persistent conversations yes
Formal communication for a specific target yes
Share and edit files in real time yes yes
Collaborate on documents with external guests yes yes
Publish information to/share documents with large audiences yes
Communications web portal yes
Workflow data management yes
Companywide communicaiton/collaboration yes
Search for internal documents and people yes
Instant messaging yes
Video conferencing, webinars, live events yes
Meetings yes
Email and calendar scheduling yes
Calendar scheduling yes yes
Desktop app yes yes yes
Mobile app yes yes yes yes


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