Some campus network resources are only available if you are connected directly to the University network. To access these remotely you’ll need to connect to campus using the Palo Alto GlobalProtect client.

Download the GlobalProtect VPN Client

You need to install the Global Protect app on your iOS device to connect to the TU VPN server. 

Go to the App Store and search for GlobalProtect. Click Install and follow any install prompts.




Open the GlobalProtect app. The first time you open the app, it will prompt you for a portal address.

Enter tuvpn.utulsa.edu and click Connect.


Enter your TUNetID and password when prompted. If MFA setup, you will be prompted to enter the one-time code sent to the method of your choice.


When the GlobalProtect app has sucessfully connected it will say Connected, Tap to Disconnect.

You can now access protected university systems.

NOTE: The VPN connection must be turned on from this screen whenever you’re attempting to remotely connect to a TU computer.

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