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I’m using an iPad or a Mac and Collaborate isn’t working. What do I do?

If you’re using the Safari Browser, install any update for it that there might be. Also, you can try using another browser if Safari is already up-to-date, such as Chrome or Firefox. If these browsers aren’t options or installing updates for Safari doesn’t work, download the Collaborate App and use this to connect to Harvey and launch Collaborate. Do not use internet explorer.

How do I update Safari?

Open the app store by clicking on the apple icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then click on “app store…” Once the app store is open, click on the “Updates” tab that will be on the gray bar at the top of the screen. Then, you will see a list of the system and applications that have updates pending. You can either click “Update all,” and this will update all the apps. Or you can find Safari in the list of possible system applications and click the “Update” button that corresponds to only the Safari app.

I’ve entered my course, but I don’t see a Collaborate option anywhere.

In some views of your course in Harvey, there will be a menu to the left where you can find the link to Collaborate. If this menu is not there, you will see a small gray arrow in the upper left-hand corner. To access the Collaborate tool, click this arrow.  This will open the menu that you are used to seeing when a Harvey course is accessed from a desktop. You also may be used to seeing the blue bar that appears when this menu is minimized, so the appearance may be different on the iPad, but you can access the menu and functionality via the small gray arrow in the upper left corner of the screen.

I’m a business student and have work to do using Microsoft Access. How can I complete this work if I only have access to a mac?

There is no official MS Access installation for Mac but users may have the option of setting up a Virtual Machine and booting into a Windows environment where they may operate without issue.

Harvey isn’t working on my computer.

Please make sure you’re using Chrome or Firefox when using Harvey. Oftentimes, issues can be solved by switching browsers or updating an old one. Harvey isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer.

What is the phone number for the IT help desk?

First send an email to help@utulsa.edu so that the issue is tracked or submit a form at IT HELP to create a ticket. You can reach out directly at (918)631-3500.

I’m in the Collaborate class, but no one else is (or no instructor is).

You’ve likely entered the wrong room.  This is just like walking into a physical building and entering the wrong room. Back out of the room and start from the homepage of Harvey (where you first entered as you logged in).  Make sure you clicked on and entered the correct course.  Then, AFTER you click on Collaborate in your classroom, make sure that BEFORE you enter the classroom, the professor hasn’t created a special session classroom. If they have, then enter that, if not, enter the classroom.  If you still find no instructor, email them, then email help@utulsa.edu.

I’m having problems with my quiz submissions. I submitted a quiz, but my answers didn’t register, and the quiz appears to have been submitted with answers blank. What should I do?

This type of technical question is best addressed to your instructor first. They will be able to see all of the quiz attempts that you have submitted, and they will resolve the issue according to their policy.

How do I, an instructor, make weekly assignments visible to students?

Once you are logged in and have entered your online course, you should notice the column on the left side of the screen that lists syllabus and week 1, week 2, etc.  If there is a grey box with a line through it beside the link for a given week, it means that it is not visible to the students (it is only visible to you when you are in edit mode).  So, to make it visible to the students, you hover over the tab to the right side of the title “week 1” or “week 5” etc. and you left click on the drop down arrow and choose “show link”.

When I copy and paste from a word document into the text editor for the Harvey discussion post, the text looks fine in the text editor, but after I submit the post, the format appears to be changed and not how I wanted it to look.

When pasting from Microsoft Word or the internet into the Harvey text editor and, especially, when you are using advanced formatting functions like bullet points, the text editor will sometimes alter the format upon submission of an assignment such as a discussion post. To fix this problem, there are a couple of solutions. First, you can write and format your text completely in the Harvey text editor. If you are not pasting complexly formatted text from another text editor into Harvey, then Harvey’s text editor won’t alter the appearance of the format after submission. If you prefer to format your discussion post or other assignment in another text editor such as Microsoft Word, you can save the Word document and upload it as a discussion post response or another assignment to Harvey. To upload a document, look below the text editor to where options for attaching a file are available. Click on “Browse My Computer,” and if you have saved your file to your computer, you will be able to navigate to it and select it to be uploaded as your discussion post or other assignment.


I am having trouble locating the Collaborate room in my course. How do I find it after logging into Harvey?

First, access your list of courses by clicking the Courses tab in the blue bar at the top of the screen. This will display a list of all the Harvey courses in which you are enrolled. Find the link to the specific class you are looking for, click on it. Then, you will be in the correct course, and on this screen, you may or may not see a menu on the far left side of the screen. If you don’t, you will see a blue or gray bar. Click on this bar to open the menu if it isn’t open already. On this menu, you will see the “Collaborate” link. Click on this link, and this will open the Collaborate window. From this window, you will either select the Course Room or select a scheduled session to join. Which option you choose depends on your course, and if there are any questions about which of these options to choose, please contact your instructor. After you click on either one of these options, you will see a black bar which you will click on to either join the course room or to join the session.

Where is the menu that usually appears on the left-hand side of the screen in Harvey when I am in a course?

Sometimes the menu shrinks to a blue or gray bar that you can click on to open the menu. Sometimes this bar moves to the right side of the screen, especially if you are using a mobile device. Try hovering your mouse around the far edges of either side of the screen to get a tab to pop up that pulls open the vertical column menu when selected.

Where can I find Collaborate Recordings?

Log in to Harvey. Click on the relevant course. Click on Collaborate. Don’t enter the course room. In the left corner of the center part of the screen there is a hamburger menu to click on. Open the menu and click on Recordings. They will appear on the screen.

I found the recordings for the course but the specific live session that I am looking for is not among them. Where is it?

By default, only recent recordings are displayed. To see more recordings for a course, locate where the toolbar says “Filter by” in the upper right-hand corner of the collaborate window. Click on the down arrow, which opens a menu from which you can select to filter by Recordings In A Range. Once you select, filter by recordings in a range, another menu will appear in which you can input the range of dates within which occurred the class session that you are looking for.

I cannot see a quiz or assignment in my Harvey course that should be there.

Two things might be occurring when you expect to see an assignment or quiz in Harvey but don’t. First, it may be that the assignment or quiz has been created by the instructor but it has not yet been shown to students. This occurs when instructors create an assignment and set it to be hidden until a certain date. In this case, please email your professor to ask them if they are continuing to keep an assignment hidden that they want to share with students. Also, it may be the case that the instructor is not using the assignment function in Harvey and that when you have an assignment due, they want you to submit the assignment by email. In this case, verify with your instructor how they would like you to submit your work.


In Collaborate, my microphone or speakers were working just fine a minute ago, and now they aren’t working. How can I fix this?

Leave the Collaborate session, and then join it again.

I cannot hear the class properly, what should I do?

Use the Google Chrome web browser.


What if Chrome isn’t an option, or what if I am already using Chrome and still cannot hear the audio portion of the class?

You can try pulling your headset out of one USB connection port and inserting it into another on the front or back of your computer (some USB ports work better than others for audio). Another option is to connect with your phone, and you can use your phone as a speaker and microphone. You can find the phone number to call and a PIN to enter by clicking on the lilac colored tab in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, which opens up a variety of menus. Select the cog wheel called My Settings, and then select Use your phone for audio. This is also an option available on the Harvey screen after you select the session that you want to join, and under the option to Join Course Room, you can see a phone number and PIN that you can use for audio.

What if I called the phone number and entered the PIN to Join Course Room with my phone, but a recording tells me to try again later?

You cannot enter an empty room by phone only. Either you or another person must enter to course room first in order to connect with a phone.

There appears to be a white stripe obscuring icons at the bottom of my web browser, what can I do to fix this?

In this case, log out of the session, reboot your computer, and log back in.

How do I update permissions in Chrome to allow Collaborate to use my microphone and webcam or share my screen after these permissions have already been set?

When you want to change permissions in Chrome after they have already been set, you begin by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the Chrome window. This opens a menu from which you will select settings. Once the settings page is open, scroll down to the bottom and click on advanced, and this will open the advanced settings menu. Next, click on content settings, and this will open the content settings menu. On this page, you will see “camera” and “microphone.” You can click on either of these to change the settings that determine which sites can use these devices. After you click on one of them, you will see the specific device that the setting applies to and also whether or not this is blocked for all sites. If this setting is set to block for all devices, you can toggle the switch so that it asks you permission before the site accesses your device. If you haven’t been able to use your device with Collaborate, this is where you will want to make sure the correct device is selected, the site is not blocked, and that the settings will either allow Collaborate to use the device or will allow Collaborate to request your permission to do so.

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